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Smoking Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) Mushrooms

So yesterday I tried smoking fly agaric for the first time with a couple friends.

How I prepared it was with a glass pipe, mixed with a little weed. Two centimeters of the peeled skin (obviously dried) were used along with maybe like 0.5 grams of some higher quality mids.

I didn't really seem to trip like I would normally when taken orally, it was more closely like a mj high... except without the fogginess of the mind. I was much more aware of what was going on, kinda like when you smoke some good kush, the negative effects (or at least what I consider negative) effects of the mj were neutralized while the positive were enhanced.

Anyways I would absolutely suggest trying this. (:

Stay away from ANYTHING in the Amanita family

Can you at least provide some sort of link to support your opinion?

of course he can't, he's a genuine james blunt

I just smoked some on its own, and totally agree I feel super relaxed and good but not retarded. fully aware, not tripping, just good and relaxed.

@anonymous, your the ass hat...the amanita muscaria and amanita pantherina are a couple of the MOST easily identified mushrooms on the face of the earth, the deadly species (primarily) in the amanita family are the death cap and the destroying angel, both of which bare no resemblance to the muscaria...other than the fact that all amanitas grow from an egg shaped volva....who goes on a amanita muscaria website and throws negatives around? what a dink.

dude... you felt a weed high cause you smoked weed with it!

a half a gram of good weed feels like weed, a puff of amanita skin reminds me of smoking liberty caps...a em

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