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Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) Trip

In this post I'm going to go deeper into what different type of trips you may experience while on the amanita muscaria.

For me personally, I see things, I laugh alot more, I feel dissociated at times. There are many different feelings as with most other drugs, depending on when you ingest it.

It usually takes well over an hour to kick in, kinda like extacy, every time even now, I think I'm getting ripped off because it takes so long to start working, but once it does, I no longer feel that way haha.

When it starts taking effect I usually get a little tired, I would suggest having some coffee/energy drink/stimulants/uppers in general ready to go if you're worried about falling asleep and missing out on some of your trip.

Once you get past the tired phase, that's when shit gets crazy. The whole world seems different, its extremely hard to explain, but everything feels very different, and my point of view on life in general feels different. Different emotions will take complete control of me at once, feelings such as; euphoria, dissociation, only being able to comprehend the thoughts going through my head, doing anything in real life feels impossible and I have no desire to do it anyways. With the extract/resin I will occasionally be able to taste colors or smell words, like an acid trip.

Their are many more feelings but some are too hard to explain and I don't plan on writing a novel on how the amanita muscaria effect me (I don't think anyone would want to read a novel by me anyways). If you're interested in trying it for yourself, the only place I have ever bought from is Arena Ethnobotanicals. So I can't guarantee you experiencing the same thing from any other place.

So anyways, hopefully you got something out of this. Thanks for reading.


  1. i just smoked sum,,,,boy this took a loooooooong tyme 2 read & write on fly agaric ,,,,lol,, & kids, choose ur friends wisely ,,but choose ur drug BETTER !!

  2. hi there!! i own 150 odd acres of woodland, mainly fir and pine trees, and this last week have been fortunate enought to stoop upon too many amanita muscaria to take home, so i picked like 30 ounces of them. could you or anyone suggest to me a solid dosage and method of consumption? i've been reading up on them for some time now, and like i already tried drying sum and smoking them with sum hi grade, and i made tea and ate some, but i just felt the poisening effect and fell straight asleep each time. how do i overcome this? is it cos of mycoatropine? any info would be great cheers thank you very much

  3. First off let me tell you I'm very jealous.

    Anyways, you can refer to this page for dosage info:

    Your situation with getting very tired is normal. If I were you I would either buy some sort of energy drink or caffeine pills to keep awake. If you have access to stimulants such as adderall or ritalin that should work even better. I'm prescribed ritalin so that keeps me awake just fine. Enough caffeine will do though, even if you don't like the feeling of being on a bunch of caffeine the effects of the mushroom will completely overpower that once you get to the trippy stage.

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  7. Personally, I have found, when they are good, I experience God -- or get very very close to God. I experienced that EVERYTHING is alive and changing all the time. I also experienced dying and being reborn.


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